Can You Play a Bass Guitar Without an Amp?

can you play a bass guitar without an amplifier

Recently bought an electric bass guitar? You are probably wondering if you should buy an amp too. If you don’t have the means to buy one yet, can you play a bass guitar without an amp? Everyone who has ever learned to play bass has asked this question at one point or another. Can You […]

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What Is Gain on a Guitar Amp?

what is gain on a guitar amplifier

Gain is something you will often hear in the guitar world. Yet, even if that’s the case, not many can confidently answer what is gain on a guitar amp. It is true that you do not need to know what it is to use an amp properly. As long as you understand what happens when […]

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Guitar Amp Settings for Rock and Guitar Effects Pedals

guitar amp settings for rock

There’s no denying the joys of listening to music, but creating it yourself will take your experience to a whole new level. In that case, one of the best instruments to learn is the guitar. If you are thinking of venturing into the crazy world of rock, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the many […]

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Who Invented the First Guitar Amplifier?

who invented the first guitar amplifier in the world

As the world of music moved into the modern age with the boom of electricity, it also gave rise to the invention of the guitar amp. This electronic device gave life to classic rock n’ roll and catapulted the music scene to where it is today. Have you ever wondered who invented the first guitar […]

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Can I Use a Guitar Amp for Bass? Why or Why Not?

can i use a guitar amp for bass

Learning to play the bass requires commitment, and that includes committing to invest in the necessary equipment. Then again, if you’re new to the scene, you might be wondering, “Can I use a guitar amp for bass?” In theory, you’d be able to connect your bass to a guitar amp, but it may not be […]

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