Best Acoustic Guitar Amp 2020

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If you are looking for an acoustic guitar amplifier so that large groups of people could hear you playing guitar, you’ve come to the right place!

If your goal is to play guitar for people in a crowded bar or on a busy street, buying an amplifier is the right solution thanks to its flat frequency response and uncolored sound.

Choosing the right acoustic guitar amp is essential, but it might seem overwhelming to choose the best one among thousands of such guitar amplifiers.

That’s why we’ve put together the list of things to consider in order to choose the best acoustic guitar amp for your playing style as well as the chart of best amps available on the market.

Consider When Buying Acoustic Guitar Amp

  • Feedback Control. You probably know that the signal produced from an acoustic guitar is coming from either a microphone or a transducer pickup creates the risk of feedback. In order to reduce such a risk, amps have to come with a feature of feedback suppression.
  • Built-in Effects. Depending on your playing style and the kind of performance you like to give, you must keep in mind that acoustic guitar amps come with different built-in effects ranging from a simple compressor to a loop feature. For example, such effect as built-in reverb produces more powerful sound, while the built-in loop feature is best for solo guitar players, as it allows them to lay their solo track over a rhythm track. So pay attention to what kind of built-in effects are featured in an acoustic guitar amp before spending your money on it.
  • Dual Channels For Guitar and Microphone. One of the most essential thing to consider when buying an acoustic guitar amplifier – the microphone/line input feature. The feature generally comes with an XLR input and features an option for phantom power. The XLR input allows you to balance your vocals with your acoustic guitar, allowing you to play any kind of music without having to buy an expensive PA system.
  • Power. While 20 to 30 watts are usually enough for an acoustic guitar amplifier that is going to be used in a small room, if you want to play in a crowded bar, you should consider buying something more powerful. It also depends on the type of venue you are planning to use the amp at. For example, due to heavy noise in crowded bars, it’s best to use amplifiers around 60 or 70 watts. If it’s going to be a silent, but still rather large venue – like a café – consider buying an amp around 40 or 50 watts. If you’re planning to start a fully-fledged band, then 100-watt amplifier is your best option.

Top 6 Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers Ranking

PictureNamePowerPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Fishman PRO-LBX-600 Loudbox Artist120W$$$$4.9
2. Marshall DSL Series DSL40C Valve 2 Channel Combo40W$$$$4.9
3. Fender Mustang III Guitar Combo Amplifier - Black100W$$$4.8
4. Peavey Vypyr VIP Modeling Instrument Amplifier20W$$4.6
5. AER Compact 60 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp60W$$$$$4.5
6. Fender Champion Electric Guitar Amplifier20W$4.5

Top 3 Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Reviews

1. Fishman PRO-LBX-600

The Loudbox Artist amplifier is truly the best acoustic guitar amp due to featuring the award-winning design of the Loudbox 100, while being more lightweight and portable but providing more power at the same time.

The amplifier has 120 watts of ultra-clean power, which is great if you’re playing in a band or are planning to start one. It also features two versatile input channels with feedback suppression controls.

The Fishman PRO-LBX-600 Loudbox is thus the leader on the market of acoustic guitar amps and a unique portable acoustic instrument amplifier for pro guitar players.

2. Marshall DSL Series DSL40C

The DSL40C 40-watt acoustic guitar amp from Marshall combines great features of a powerful modern amp with foot switchable classic/ultra gain channels as well as a rear panel series FX loop.

You can adjust the power with the help of rear panel pentode/triode switch, which allows you to play at 20 to 40 watts.

This amplifier is popular for its versatility and abundance of features as well as its volume-to-size ratio. It’s a rather loud and ultra portable amp that allows you to play at both silent and louder venues.

3. Fender Mustang III

Fender is a reliable instrument manufacturing company that has been around since 1946. The Mustang III 100-watt acoustic guitar amplifier allows you to choose from clean to mean tones with just one turn of a knob, providing you with a vast selection of music genres.

Thanks to the included Fender FUSE software, you can connect the amp to your computer and edit amp models according to your style. The amplifier has such built-in effects as reverb, tremolo, delay/echo, phaser and others.

Another great feature of the Mustang III 100-watt is that you can jam along with your favorite tracks by plugging your MP3 player into the Auxiliary input.