6 Best Bass Amps 2020

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While playing the bass may seem quite similar to the guitar, it’s actually quite different. With deeper sounds and heavier tones, the need for a special type of amp is required. Hooking up your bass to a regular guitar amp will not achieve the desired sound and it could actually damage your guitar amp altogether.

Finding the best bass amp isn’t always an easy task. With so many options available, different wattages and different features on every amp, making a decision is often difficult. Fortunately, you will be able to quickly find a good bass amp that delivers amazing tones by browsing through our list of the top rated bass amps currently on the market.

Top 6 Bass Amps Ranking Chart

PictureNameWattsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier100$$4.9
2. Ampeg BA110v2 1 x 10-Inch Combo Bass Amplifier40$4.7
3. Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX CR50BXT 50W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp50$$4.7
4. Peavey Electronics Max Series 03608210 Max 115 Bass Combo Amplifier300$$$4.6
5. Gallien-Krueger MB150S/112 Bass Guitar Combo150$$$$4.2

How to Shop for a Good Bass Amp

Shopping for a bass amp may seem quite overwhelming at first, but we will make it easier for you by breaking down the important facts to consider.

  • Tube vs Solid State Hybrid. Choosing between a tube amp or a solid state hybrid amp is highly important. Tube amps were the first type of amps on the market, but today you need to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a quality tube amp. Tube amps distort the sound as you turn up the volume. Solid state hybrids allow you for more control over the distortion.
  • Multiple Channels. Many bass amps now come with multiple channels. This is good because it allows you to quickly get the sound that you’re looking for. Channels are commonly labeled as “Clean”, “Overdrive” or “Lead”.
  • Gain Knob. If you want more control over the distortion that your amp creates, you’ll want to buy a bass amp that comes with a gain knob. The gain knob lets you essentially control the overdrive, giving you control over the distortion of the tone.
  • Footswitch Jack. Many bass amps now come equipped with footswitch pedals. The ability to add a footswitch pedal is a great option because it gives you hands-free control over the various sounds and tones that your amp can create.
  • Built-in Tuner. A built-in tuner will give you the ability to quickly tune your bass without the need for another external tuner. This removes the need to add an extra tuner pedal to your setup and also saves you a lot of time when you need to quickly tune your bass.

Top 3 Best Bass Amp Reviews

1. Fender Rumble 100 v3

At the top of our list is the Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier. This amp is a combo between a head unit and a cabinet, allowing you to simply plug in your bass and start playing without the need for any other equipment. With 100 watts of power and a 12” speaker, this Fender bass amp is large enough to play small concert venues and has more than enough power to jam during practices.

The extremely lightweight of only 22 lbs makes transportation of this amp incredibly easy. The newly designed overdrive circuit along with the controllable Contour knob allows for great control over the tone that you desire. If you’re looking for a high quality bass amp that packs a lot of power, a ton of control and gives you easy portability, you’ll love the Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier.

2. Ampeg BA110v2 Combo Bass

Another great option when searching for a quality bass amp is the Ampeg BA110v2 1 x 10-inch Combo Bass Amplifier. This amp comes equipped with a 10” speaker and packs 40 watts of power, making this amp perfect for practice sessions or jamming with the band.

With the all-new Ampeg Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit, controlling the overdrive levels and pinpointing the tone of your desires is easier than ever. The rugged design provides extreme durability, but in a lightweight amp that makes transportation easy. If you’re looking for an amazing practice bass amp, you’ll love the Ampeg BA110v2 1 x 10-inch Combo Bass Amplifier.

3. Orange Amp Crush PiX CR50BXT

The Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX CR50BXT 50W 1×12 Bass Combo Amp is a wonderful amp for practicing with the band and even playing small venues. This bass amp comes equipped with a 12” speaker and packs 50 watts of RMS power. This amp gives you gain control and provides you with 3-band equalizer knobs for additional control over the resulting tone.

With an MP3 and headphone jack, you will be able to hear the sound through headphones or you can choose to blast your MP3’s tunes through this amp. Weighing only 40 lbs, this amp is extremely portable. If you’re looking for a quality practice amp that packs a lot of punch and provides you with a ton of control, you’ll love the Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX CR50BXT.