6 Best Bass Strings 2020

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If you’re on the hunt for new bass strings for your pride and joy guitar, look no further than our comprehensive guide. We know that buying new bass strings can be a challenging task, especially with the wealth of products available on the market nowadays, so we’ve made it that bit easier.

With our guide to the best bass strings available no matter what your needs and budget, you’re in safe hands!

Things to Consider

Here are a few important factors to take into consideration before you choose your bass strings.

  • The Importance of Bass Strings. For a rich sound and depth to your music, having good bass strings that produce those essential low notes is crucial. Therefore, you want to consider any purchase carefully and ensure the bass strings you pick are right for you.
  • The Type of Music You Play. This of course ties into the previous point about considering your purchase; however, it’s perhaps the one thing you should bring into your decision the most.

If you lean towards more upbeat styles like country, pop or rock, you’re likely to need a bass string that offers a clearer, brighter sound. On the other hand, if you prefer reggae, Motown or jazz then the string you’re looking for will offer a much mellower, more muted but full bass sound which will really round out your music.

Top 6 Bass Strings Table

PictureNameType of StringPriceRating (1-5)
Type of String
Rating (1-5)
1. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set, .050 - .105Roundwound, nickel plated steel$$4.7
2. D'Addario EXL160 Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Long Scale Roundwound, nickel plated steel$$4.7
3. Fender 7250M Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound Long Scale Electric Bass Guitar Strings Roundwound, nickel plated steel$4.6
4. Elixir Strings Nickel Plated Steel 4-String Bass Strings w NANOWEB Coating, Long Scale, Medium Roundwound, nickel plated steel (coated)$$$$4.6
5. D'Addario ETB92S Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Short ScaleTapewound, black nylon$$$$4.6
6. Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric Bass Strings, 45-105, 2674, Medium Light Stainless steel$$$4.6

Buying Information

Not sure what to look for when shopping for bass strings? This section will point you in the right direction!

  • String Gauge. When we talk about string gauge we refer to how ‘big’ your strings are, or, to be more precise, how thick they are. The string gauge is crucial to consider because it can drastically alter just what sound the bass string makes.

Thicker gauged strings create more tension and make it essentially more difficult to play the bass guitar. These are the best bass strings for really for experienced players who know that their hands are up to the job of playing on such a tense string! Thick gauges are not, therefore, ideal for beginners.

Thinner gauged strings, on the other hand, are ideal for all players and make the bass guitar far easier to play.

  • What Are Windings? The most common bass string winding is roundwound and these are ideal for pretty much any genre of music.

Flatwound strings are more common for bass guitars and are predominantly better with fretless basses.

The two other types of ‘windings’ are tapewound, which gives a heavier sound due to the use of a nylon wrap, and half wound, which are smoother to the touch.

  • Material. You can find bass strings in a range of metals, with the most common option being stainless steel, which produce a very clear tone and are ideal for electric bass guitars.

Nickel/ steel alloy strings have a more mellow sound and are also great for electric basses.

There are also coated strings on the market, which offer greater durability and so will last you longer. The only downside is that they are a greater investment to begin with. Perhaps only invest in coated strings if you know they will produce the sound you’re looking for in a bass string.

Top 3 Best Bass Strings Reviews

1. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound

If you’re looking to buy the best bass string for you (nickel allergy aside), Ernie Ball’s are the ones. Made for electric bass guitars, the Ernie Ball brand is known for its excellent all-round sound potential and is especially great for rock. We recommend them for bassists of all levels, who want a reliable set of strings.

2. D’Addario EXL160 Nickel Wound Long Scale

Coming in second are the D’Addario heavy gauge strings that would be excellent for experienced players who want to get that boom from their bass.

However, the material ensures that you are still guaranteed a beautifully clear sound with these strings.

3. Fender 7250M Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound

Fender has long been a massive name in the guitar world and their best bass strings are no different. All-purpose, they produce a smooth sound ideal for jazz, rock or styles that need that deep bass sound. You really can’t go wrong with these.