Best Classical Guitar Strings 2020

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Using the best guitar strings in the world on a low quality guitar won’t make it sound much better, but using poor quality strings on a decent guitar will definitely make it sound bad. The importance of guitar strings is often understated since most casual guitar players tend to place more focus on the build of the guitar rather than the strings used.

Classical guitars use different types of strings than standard acoustic guitars. The strings of these guitars are often made from nylon and offer less resistance than steel-based guitar strings. Finding the best classical guitar strings shouldn’t be too difficult, but it’s an incredibly important step towards achieving an outstanding sound. Fortunately, we have done all of the research and help make the buying process a lot easier on you.

Top 6 Classical Guitar Strings Overview Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Savarez 540R Alliance Classical Guitar Strings$$$$4.7
2. Augustine Classic-Red Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings$$$4.6
3. Ernie Ball 2403 Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Tie On Set$$4.6
4. D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings$$$4.5
5. Martin M160 Silverplated Ball End Classical Guitar Strings$$4.5
6. Kaman Music Augustine Gold Label Classical Guitar Strings$$$4.2

How to Buy Classical Guitar Strings

Buying guitar strings for a classical guitar is much different than buying strings for an acoustic guitar. If you use steel-based strings like those found on acoustic guitars, you will most likely damage your classical guitar. Classical guitars are not built to withstand that much tension. That’s why using the best nylon string guitar strings is crucial to preserving your guitar’s condition and attaining the very best sound quality.

When searching for the best classical guitar strings, you’ll want to consider the type of tension that you desire. There are normally three different types of tension; light, medium and high. The higher the tension, the hard the strings will feel on your fingers and the harder it will become to bend strings. This ultimately comes down to personal preferences, as all three types are good.

  • Shop for Tone and Durability when searching for quality classical guitar strings. Forget about saving a few dollars. Guitar strings are relatively cheap and will last several months. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars for a quality pack of strings. Shopping around for strings that offer superior tone and incredible durability is crucial.
  • Learn to Your Own Strings rather than opting for ball end strings. Classical guitar strings aren’t wounded the same way as acoustic and electric strings, making it difficult for ball ends to stay on the strings. When opting for ball end strings, you’ll often have to deal with breakages at the most unfortunate of moments.
  • Learning How to Tie Your Own Strings with traditional tie-end strings is the best way to go. This type of string offers much more resistance and will outlast ball end strings every time. It’s a skill that all classical guitar players should pick up. There are many tutorials online that teach you how to easily tie the strings on a classical guitar.

Top 3 Best Classical Guitar Strings Reviews

1. Savarez 540R Alliance

At the top of our list are the Savarez 540R Alliance Classical Guitar Strings. Featured in standard tension, these strings have medium resistance for easy bends and great sounding tones. These strings feature cutting-edge KF Alliance plain composite treble strings, also known as carbon strings.

They also come with HT classic silverplate-wound bass strings for great sounding deep tones. With genuine Savarez quality, these strings will last a long time and provide you with amazing tones for several months.

2. Augustine Classic

Another great pair of classical guitar strings are the Augustine Classic-Red Meduim Tension strings. These strings also offer a standard tension, providing the perfect balance. With regular treble strings and high tension bass strings, the Augustine strings offer a unique playability that provides the best of both worlds.

With an amazing touch and great sounding highs, the Augustine Classic-Red strings are a great buy for any serious classical guitar player. These strings will last a long while and will provide amazing tones the entire time.

3. Ernie Ball 2403

If you’re looking for more affordable classical guitar strings that still offer amazing tones and durability, you’ll want to consider the Ernie Ball 2403 Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Tie On Set. Featured in medium tension, these strings bend well and provide amazing tones.

The treble strings are made from a solid nylon filament, while the bass strings are made from silver plated copper wrapped around a nylon floss core. This provides a rich and smooth tone that you would expect from Ernie Ball strings.