6 Best Compressor Pedals 2020

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Anyone who uses a guitar can benefit greatly from a compressor pedal. It is a great accessory to have and it can prove the difference between a great performance and a lousy one.

Unfortunately the guitar compressor pedal is one of the most overlooked musical accessory. The reason for this is that most musician do understand value that a good compressor pedal adds to performance and overall musical careers.

We have therefore developed this list of the best compressor pedals in the market to help budding as well as experienced professionals to take their musical careers to the next level.

What to Consider

  • Professional Opinion or Advise. If it is the first time you are buying a guitar compression pedal, you should probably seek the advice and professional opinion of other musician or market experts.

These people have tons of experience dealing with such musical instruments and as such they understand which the best guitar compressor is for you as a beginner.

  • Price vs Quality. The best things in life are usually a bit pricey and this in no different when it comes to guitar compressor pedals. Avoid the extremely cheap one as they may not be of the best quality and they might malfunction after a short period of use.

6 Guitar Compressor Pedals Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Xotic SP Compressor$$$$4.7
2. Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal$$$4.6
3. Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal$$4.6
4. MXR M102 Dyna Comp® Compressor$$$4.3
5. Joyo Jf-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar AMP Effect Pedal True Bypass$$4.1
6. Behringer CS400 Compressor Sustainer Ultimate Dynamics Effects Pedal$4.0

What Does a Guitar Compressor Pedal Do?

A guitar compressor pedal takes the incoming signal and then compresses it. This action evens out your dynamic range such that every note can be heard at an equal volume setting.

This way you are able to stop signal peaks before they reach the threshold value that you have set on the settings of the compressor pedal.

It basically attenuates the signal peaks and this way you are able to deliver a more consistent sound.

Without a guitar compressor pedal, some of the notes that you play can get lost in the mix and this prevents you from delivering the vibe and feeling that you hoped to create.

A guitar compressor pedal is therefore a great accessory to have for any musician.

Top 3 Best Compressor Pedal Reviews

1. Xotic SP Compressor

As far as guitar compressor pedals are concerned Xotic Effects SP Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal is the best of the all.

Market experts and top music professionals agree that this is the best compressor pedal for the best possible performance.

It features a dry blend knob with up to +15 decibels of boost. This guarantees you great output every time you use this guitar compressor.

This compressor offers superb tone quality with a wide variety of compressor tones ranging from subtle to modern and many others.

This guitar compressor pedal is flexible as well as it also features an internal dip switch for the best attack control.

All these attributes make Xotic Effects SP Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal the best guitar compression pedal for working musicians. Try it today and become the star that you were born to be.

2. Mooer MCS2 Compression Effects Pedal

When it comes to guitar compression pedal Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal is definitely one of the best.

It comes in an amazing yellow color for a cool and composed look.

This awesome guitar compressor offers you classical optical compression of the best quality and this way it is able to preserve the original signal transients of the output sound. This is one quality that makes it stand out from such similar devices in the market.

It is made a full metal outer casing that makes it durable and strong. It is also very small and exquisite and this goes a long way in conserving pedal board space.

Buy the Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal today and witness the wonders of compression.

3. Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Compressor

Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal is one of the most used and sought after guitar compression pedals in the market.

The reason for this lies in its design, functionality and control.

It has several knobs for adjusting the sound to the desired level. It also has an electric circuit for optimization of the spectrum for different playing styles.

If that is not enough it retails at a relatively low price making it a great investment for working musicians.

Try the Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal today and experience all these for yourself.