10 Best Electric Guitars 2020

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Choosing the best electric guitar is not a simple process, even if you’re a guitar aficionado.

But a few things most players take into account and can agree on are details such as such as choice of wood, electronics, the quality control process.

When it comes to electric guitars, cheaper isn’t always the best choice. Additionally, elements such as the fret position can make or break a decision. We know details count and we’ve created a great list to help with your choice.

Consider This When Buying an Electric Guitar

  • If you can, test your instrument-to-be in person. You can check out the quality control and workmanship in the shop.
  • A few instrument types:
    • Telecasters:
      • Fender- made instruments with tele pickups in necks
      • 3-way switch with a 1- piece bridge and 1 tone control
      • Classic neck
      • Great for country music
    • Stratocasters:
      • Fender legends and niche guitars with a larger headstock
      • Contoured body for comfortable playing
      • 3 versatile single coil pickups for more flexibility with tone.
      • 5- way switch
    • Hollow-bodies:
      • Warm tone from the hollowness
      • Excellent for jazz

Top 10 Electric Guitars Table

PictureNamePickupsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Fender American Special Telecaster2 Texas Special Tele$$$4.8
2. Fender American Standard TelecasterTwisted single-coil Tele and Vintage-Style Single-Coil Tele$$$$4.8
3. Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Single Cutaway "Black Top" Filter Tron Bridge and Neck$$4.8
4. Fender American Special Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard3 Texas Special Strat®$$$$4.7
5. Yamaha Pacifica PAC120H BL Solid-BodyBridge or dual 2 Alnico V Humbuckers$4.7
6. Gibson Les Paul Studio Burstbucker Pro Humbuckers$$4.6
7. Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster3 Custom Vintage Style Single-Coil Strat®$4.6
8. Epiphone Les Paul STANDARDAlnico Classic Humbuckers$4.6
9. Fender Standard Telecaster Arctic White2 Hot Standard Tele Single$$4.5
10. Squier Bullet HSS - Black - Rosewood2 Single 1 Humbucker$4.5

Information for Buyers

Before you choose your guitar, consider what kind of music you play and whether the pickups will support your style.

                        Single Coil                                              Humbucking
·         More popular for country &                           immaxum twang·         More popular for jazz, rock & heavy metal               for more distortion
·         May hum or buzz at higher volume·         Hums are cancelled out by the 2 coils

Top 5 Best Electric Guitar Reviews

1. American Special Telecaster

Marvel at this guitar’s stunning beauty, then play it. Once you do, this guitar will quickly go from being a want to being a need. This telecaster’s classic simplicity will not disappoint with its maple fretboard boasting 22 Jumbo frets that are easy to play in comfort.

This instrument, a product of great workmanship, comes with an alder body, which adds to its strength and clarity of tone. With the Greasebucket tone circuit, you can now roll off the highs on the satin -finished neck without the sound turning to muffled mush.

Another part of what makes this guitar unique is that it comes with Texas special coil pickups on the neck and the bridge. They come with a 3-way switch, lending to a wonderful sound that has a bit more of a snap and bite than a twang.

Great for country, funk, punk, and classic rock, the Fender American Special Telecaster comes with bendable strings, responsive controls, and a gig bag to boot. Spoil yourself with this gorgeous instrument and it will be easy to stick with your playing.

2. American Standard Telecaster

Fender takes the cake for producing some great electric guitars and second on our list is another one.

This USA made, dream-to-play telecaster has 22 medium jumbo frets as opposed to the American Special Telecaster above and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best electric guitars out there.

A delight to play, even great from the box, this guitar stays in tune for a long time with a pro-sound. The attention to detail shows in the flawless neck, a perfect marriage of maple and fret wire. There’s also the hand-rolled fingerboard edges.

Sometimes what you pay for is what you get, and this fabulous guitar is a high performing workhorse with fantastic pickups that will exceed your expectations.

With solid electronics, and a sweet, versatile sound perfect for country, jazz, pop and rock, this winner might be more simple than a strat, but you won’t get over how well it plays. So don’t hesitate on this one, or afterward you’ll beat yourself up about why it took you so long to get it.

3. Gretsch Electromatic

This instrument is another great one with superior electronics(Bigsby), yet instead of being a solid body, this one comes with a hollow one, a favorite among jazz players and known for its full, round tone and great bass response.

Rock-a-billy, funk and blues players will also love it for the variety of tunes and exceptional, complex tone. The Gretsch G5420T’s maple body resonates well giving it a unique sound, different from a strat.

The maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard has 22 medium jumbo frets, which add to the ease of playing. When you find yourself needed to change the strings, the fixed bridge makes it easy. Until then, you’ll get great action right off the bat.

This big-sound guitar boasts of high quality for a lower price and will have you playing non- stop. Connect it to a Vox amp and you’ll find yourself in heaven.

Snatch up this gorgeous first-rate, well-constructed instrument before you find yourself pining for it. Then, get to your next gig with this beauty in hand and let the compliments begin!

4. American Special Stratocaster

This special Stratocaster rocks.

Some folks have car collections and others have guitars. This alder-body work- of- art has hit a home run. With superb attention to detail, Fender adds another guitar to the best electric guitar list. This well-made comfort is great for chords, note picking, and versatility.

The smooth, maple neck will have you falling for sure. The maple fingerboard with 22 Jumbo frets is great for creating buzz free action. With its clean tone, this instrument is definitely a keeper.

This beautiful guitar with amazing shine, lovely finish, and contour can hold up to your musical beating as it is fantastic for different styles and songs.

Some of its unique features include the large 70s-style headstock and decal. The pickup switching is a 5-position blade. The 3 powerful Texas special pickups bite with their loudness and punch.

The workmanship of this instrument can hold up to some wall-ripping playability, soon to be an extension of your arms. Grab it and don’t let go!

5. Yamaha Pacifica

Love at first sight. That’s what will happen when you check out this Yamaha guitar’s classy killer looks and wide range of tone and bright sounds.

With a nice tone from the bottom to the top fret on a rosewood fretboard supported by a smooth maple neck, this guitar accommodates! The smooth frets and low action add to playing comfort and ease.

You can’t go wrong with the clear wood finish on a solid alder body. In addition to being great quality for a bargain price, this guitar sounds like a strat, great for blues, rock and country.

Affordable, lightweight, reliable, and versatile, this guitar is great for amateurs wanting to experiment. You may never like another high-tech guitar as much as you like this one. It can still hold up after taking a beating and stays in tune well.

As the best instrument for its price, you’ll need to keep an eye on this one or your family members might steal it away and avoid returning it for years. If it happens, do yourself a favor by gifting it to them and just buy yourself another.