Best Guitar for Blues 2020

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Where blues guitars are concerned, two names absolutely dominate the scene – Fender and Gibson. Without doubt, these two giants have very little competition in the market for producing top-notch guitars made for blues.

The fact that both names are synonymous with quality can make it tricky to figure out which particular model is right for you. Here we’ve come up with the pros and cons for the best guitars for blues, which should eliminate some of the hard work.

Things to Consider for Blues Guitars

Choosing the right guitar for you will require careful thought and consideration. Some points you may want to think about include:

  • The Guitar’s Body Type. There are three types of body – solid, semi-hollow and hollow – all of which affect the type of sound produced. The guitar design best suited to blues is often considered to be the semi-hollow as it incorporates the same attributes from both hollow and solid models, and produces a rich, dynamic resonance, which is perfect for the blues.
  • Electric or Acoustic? The simple answer is, both. Electric and acoustic guitars are equally suited to the genre and which you choose will probably come down to personal preference and the price-tag.
  • Play Before You Pay! There is a huge difference in the sound produced, even among the same model, so it is imperative that you actually play the guitar yourself before buying. This gives you the chance to hear not only how it sounds, but will also give you a feel for how the guitar handles.

Top 10 Best Blues Guitars Comparison Table

PictureNameElectric/ AcousticChoice of ColorPriceRating (1-5)
Electric/ Acoustic
Choice of Color
Rating (1-5)
1. Gibson Custom ES-335 Dot Electric Guitar, Vintage SunburstBothYes$$$$$5.0
2. Fender Standard Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard ElectricYes$$4.8
3. Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio FadedElectricYes$$$4.7
4. Squier Bullet StratocasterElectricYes$4.6
5. Fender Standard Telecaster, Maple FretboardElectricYes$$$$4.6
6. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic GuitarAcousticYes$4.4

Three Best Guitar for Blues Reviews

1. Gibson Custom ES-335

Make no mistake, this is no guitar for the faint-hearted, with a price tag that might leave your heart fluttering that little bit faster, but boy; you get what you pay for, in spades!

Held in the hands of many immortal legends, including Eric Clapton and B.B. King, this guitar is the coveted favorite of professionals and recreational strummers alike, and takes a well-earned bow in our number-one spot.

Built to last (and indeed improve over time), the guitar has been around since 1958 and those made today retain the classic look and original proportions, including retro-style tuners and rolled neck-binding, along with a wide range of new custom colors and finishes to choose from.

The beautifully made, streamlined, semi-hollow body, produces blues-worthy tones that are mellow, creamy, rounded and simply stunning, whether you plug it in or play it acoustically. It is versatile, with a wide range, hitting high notes with ease and delivering a precise sound.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t immediately fall in love with this guitar, with its handsome and historic design, and exquisite sound, along with its deeply ingrained reputation for excellence. Ah, serious perfection!

2. Fender Standard Stratocaster

Although a substantial distance from the Gibson ES-335 in terms of price, that’s the only place it is lagging behind, coming in a very close second in our table.

While the price of more expensive guitars might be daunting for a beginner, the Fender offers the opportunity to buy a guitar that is made to a high spec and produces exceptional sound, without worrying about its value.

Manufactured in Mexico, the Standard Stratocaster follows a classic Fender style and is a thing of beauty. With a choice of rosewood or maple fretboards along with a range of colors and flawless finishes, it has a fast-feeling, modern C-shape neck and a 70s-inspired headstock logo.

Easy to play, whether you are a newbie or expert, the guitar sounds great and in-tune, right out of the box, and offers a clean, solid resonance.

There’s very little not to love about this guitar – the beautiful tune, ease of play, price and stunning good looks. An absolute joy!

3. Gibson 2016 Les Paul

Another outstanding model from the American giants, Gibson, this guitar is perfect for playing the blues and comes with a decent price-tag.

The simplistic, worn wood finish gives the guitar an understated, natural and classy beauty. First impression is that it feels much lighter than standard Les Pauls and with its compact body, curved top and a fine, 50s-style neck, playing it couldn’t be more comfortable.

The American-made guitar has upgraded Burstbucker Pro pick-ups, which help produce a beautiful resonance that is classic, with a rich, sustained and warm tone.

There aren’t many negatives with this guitar, but if you were nit-picking for flaws, it does lack some of the frills of other Gibson models, with a rough feel to the neck and fretboard. However, overall, with its amazing sound, attractive, natural look and mid-range price tag, this guitar will not disappoint.