6 Best Travel Guitars 2020

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Vacation time has you at a crossroads.

You want to play, but you’re not willing to risk any of your more expensive instruments in an airplane or the back of your car on the road trip with the potential for carelessness and damage. The humidity is under control at home, but outside, anything goes.

Once you have the best travel guitar at your side, you won’t have to give up your love for playing. Go on vacation already and don’t worry. With the following list, you’ll be back to serenading everyone while they sleep in the campground, or anywhere just as rugged.

What to Consider When You Choose

Situations that will have you cringe with guitars:

  • Finding a child slapping it around
  • Humidity damage from constant ocean-side playing
  • Drying heat of a campfire

This is exactly why you need a travel guitar.

These travel guitars are designed to be portable, durable and fun. Your favorite travel buddy will not likely sound the same as your favorite $1000 acoustic and that’s okay.

Don’t make the mistake of having to buy an extra plane ticket for your instrument. Weight and scale length are good details to consider.

We think the following instruments, with the best travel guitar among them, have your back for the more precarious adventures you’ll take.

Top 6 Travel Guitars Table

PictureNameOverall LengthPriceRating (1-5)
Overall Length
Rating (1-5)
1. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern34’’$$$$4.9
2. Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat TopApprox. 36.5’’$$4.7
3. Martin Steel String BackpackerApprox. 37’’$$4.5
4. Washburn RO10TR Rover Steel StringApprox. 36’’$$4.4
5. Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale GuitarApprox. 35.5’’$4.4
6. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric 28’’$$$4.3

Top 3 Best Travel Guitar Reviews

1. Little Martin

This is bound to be the greatest little sounding guitar you’ll ever pick up.

Take it to play at a deserted beach. Enjoy playing it on the couch with its convenient size. This roaring beast has amazing sound, astonishing harmonics, and a rich tone for a ¾.

This well-rounded travel guitar holds pitch and tuning well with beautiful sound and looks. Expect the best from this Martin with its signature ring and sustained tone.

With great playability, and easy-to- replace strings, you may never love another guitar as much as you love this travel gem. The Koa Wood Pattern HPL Textured Finish means you can take it anywhere and not worry. It’s a solid build.

The Martin LXK2 is a sturdy guitar meant to last and just what you’re looking for in an instrument that you can take out of the box and be ready to go.

Whether you’re around a campfire or sitting at the lake, your audience will be happy you got this one, making this the best travel guitar out there!

2. Jim Dandy

This parlor-sized travel guitar has a vintage style and feel, but plays like a modern one. It’s a great for blues, fingerpicking and jamming. The Gretsch G9500 delivers a lot of sound with a punchy tone that is loud for a little body.

Lightweight and extremely comfortable, this guitar has great playability that will keep you occupied for hours at a time before you realize it. The tone comes off as bright, crisp and balanced, without buzz. The chunky neck feels just right.

The body is constructed of Agathis, which is related to pine and lends that soft tonal warmth, but holds up much better. And holding up is what you definitely want in a travel guitar.

Pass it around at a party and your buddies will take it seriously once they play it. Catch some of its twangy notes. Too good to believe?

No, just believe, then get it. This fantastic kick around is a great value for the money.

3. Steel String

Try not to get caught up with this instrument’s small size. This Martin’s unique design and beautiful solid spruce screams durable, yet it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

Try taking it camping or hiking and you’ll see how great of an on-the-go partner it is. Don’t forget to use the strap, though. If you prefer air travel, this one will fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. Going by RV? No problem. It can hide behind seats and still hold up well.

Avoid neglecting your playing while you are on the go. Wherever you are, wherever you go, pull it out for a quick jam or fingerpick and you’ll feel the solid, natural fretboard beneath your fingers with a classic Martin ring. You’ll find that you can’t travel without it.