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6 Best Small Tube Amps 2020

A tube guitar amp is one of the most desired type of amps in the industry. Tube amps have a unique distortion to them when the volume gets cranked up, which creates a natural effect that no pedal can recreate. However, you can only achieve this tone when turning the volume up to a high […]

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10 Best Guitar Amps 2020

No matter how much money you spend on your dream electric guitar the sound can be seriously affected by a poor quality amplifier. Guitars only produce a weak electronic signal on their own, thus many guitarists are convinced you should spend as cash on your amp as you did on your guitar. Fortunately, there are […]

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6 Best Bass Amps 2020

While playing the bass may seem quite similar to the guitar, it’s actually quite different. With deeper sounds and heavier tones, the need for a special type of amp is required. Hooking up your bass to a regular guitar amp will not achieve the desired sound and it could actually damage your guitar amp altogether. […]

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