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10 Best Distortion Pedals 2020

Choosing a distortion pedal is a fun and exciting moment for any rock or metal guitar player. Adding distortion to your sound may not turn you into a rock star overnight, but it will definitely help you sound more like your favourite metal gods. However, as exciting as it may seem, it may turn into […]

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10 Best Guitar Pedals 2020

Guitar pedals provide guitarists with the ability to alter their sound and create amazing tones during live performances. There are many different types of guitar pedals on the market including distortion pedals, reverb pedals, wah pedals, volume pedals and much more. Each type serves a unique purpose and provides the guitarist with more control and […]

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6 Best Bass Pedals 2020

A quality bass guitar pedal can be the difference between great, roof-rumbling sounding tone from your band and something which makes the whole the effect fall flat. Fortunately, modern bass pedal companies have come up with many different options to satisfy even the pickiest of bass players. Picking the right one for you, however, can […]

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