The 29 best songs to learn on guitar

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Let’s face it, there are certain songs that everyone expects you to know when you play guitar. There are certain staple songs that people are taught. Guitar riffs that everyone learns, even if they have no idea where it originated–I’m looking at you Smoke on the Water. Because of that, I’ve put together this list […]

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10 Best Parlor Guitars 2020

Experienced guitar musicians have surely come across the small, petite model known as the “parlor” guitar. The parlor was quite popular in the early 1900s, an instrument that folk and blues musicians favored due to its compact size and friendly price tag. While it may have lost some of its popularity after the 1950s, the […]

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6 Best Cheap Electric Guitars 2020

We’ve all had that daydream at least once. You know the one right? An elevated stage under your feet and a stadium full of people screaming your name. Your hands fly over the string of your guitar like possessed creatures driving the crowd ever wilder. One problem, you’re missing that all important ingredient (and no, […]

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